Thailand is one of the most visited countries in Asia, it is home to Buddhist temples, exotic wildlife, and spectacular islands. It is also known for its fascinating history, unique culture, and delectable local food, as well as the tropical beaches, opulent royal palaces, ancient ruins, and ornate temples displaying figures of Buddha.

GET Pest Control Services Team chose to visit Thailand due to its amazing beauty. And since Christmas is coming, the employees of GET are very blessed because the owner of the company decided to give them a tour incentive in Thailand. GET Team celebrates being together in advance in a place where one of the most unforgettable moments in their lives.

December 2, 2023, the GET Team arrived at Naia Terminal 3 in the Airport. Everyone was so excited and a little nervous, especially those 1st time to be interviewed at the immigration, and rides to the airplane. Everyone’s big smile was obvious, showing how happy they were. After a few more hours they arrived at the airport of Thailand. Everyone is taking pictures and videos as they capture every moment. Suddenly, the van arrived to pick them up, and everyone was amazed when they saw the inside of that van because the vibes were like an “artista van.” Then GET Team arrived at the Pratunam City Inn Hotel where they stayed for almost 4 days. After they checked in, the Team decided to have a midnight dinner near the hotel, and after they rested in their designated rooms to ready the next day for their 1st-day tour in Thailand.

December 3, 2023, first day Tour at City of Thailand. The GET Team woke up early as they called time to start a 1st-day tour in some beautiful places. Everyone was so excited, they dressed up nicely as they moved comfortably. The first destination of the Team is Maeklong Station where they see the one old train in Thailand. Exactly when they arrived at that place, also the exact of arriving the Train, they took videos, and pictures because it is famous in Thailand due to its historical history. Then the GET Team walked around, taking their breakfast together, and then walked to the Temple where they could see the people pray. Beside the temple, some GET employees bought birthday candles and prayed what they wished for.

After 1st destination, GET Team goes to their 2nd tour destination which is the Chang Puak Camp. It is one of visited places by tourists because of more activities that people can do, such as Riding Elephants, Crocodile Show, Elephant Talent Show, Monkey Show, shooting, etc. Some employees of GET experienced the Riding Elephant which is unique in Thailand, it was a very different experience so everyone made the most of it.  Also, the Team experienced feeding the mother elephant, and the baby elephant, they are so cute. After an hour, the GET Team goes somewhere they can eat lunch with their very funny and kind Tour Guides, James, and Lisa. As per Sir James, soup is a very famous food in Thailand, so he let them taste it, everyone was happy to take their lunch, it is much different from the soup of the Philippines. After that, everyone goes to their 3rd tour destination which is Wat Arun Temple. When they arrived, inside the van, everyone saw some people wearing costumes, and when they got out of the van, they realized that on the side there were costumes that could be rented to wear when entering the Temple. And because this is one of the good experiences, the three employees decide to rent the costume as they feel they are a prince and princess. After changing clothes, the GET Team gets inside the Temple, even though that time is very hot, they never mind it because they are already amazed by the beauty of the temple. Everyone takes pictures and videos as they remember that place. In addition, the construction and design of the temple are so beautiful and unique that it can only be seen in Thailand.

Then, the last tour destination is the Hua Mum Night Market. Like the usual night market, different products and foods can be bought, but in this night market in Thailand, there is a unique restaurant that is visited by people from different countries, this is famous because of the unique strategy that can only be experienced in Thailand, this is so-called “ladyboy” this is the men who dress up as a woman and all the customers they get dancing. GET Team cannot believe that they can see this in person because they can only watch it on the TikTok App. It is getting late at night and the GET Team needs to rest and ride the van again to the hotel where they are staying. But everyone did not feel tired during the day, because while traveling there was even a party inside the Van, everyone was very happy, you could hear every shout and there was even dancing as if they had only experienced it before. They make the most of every time they are in Thailand.

December 4, 2023, the 2nd day tour of the GET Team. The first destination is the Gems Gallery in Pattaya City Thailand. In this place, the Team has a lot of fellow tourists showing that this is also a place where people go, everyone is curious as to what each one has and can discover here. When the GET Team entered, they had to ride like a roller coaster into a dark cave. While entering, it was explained what was inside, and when they understood, it was here that it was shown to obtain various stones that are made into diamonds or put in jewelry. While inside, everyone was amazed because they made it look like a real person, and with the lighting effects, you can see that they made an effort. After the discoveries, a Filipino sales agent greeted them. Upon entering, they can immediately see various rocks in the opening, and it is amazing because that is the only place, they see them. Everyone is comfortable with their conversation because they understand each other very well. After all, it is Pinoy and it is also funny. Then he took them to the people who went through each process of making the ring themselves. Then he asked what each other’s birthdays were, and the Pinoy sales agent explained what stone should be for each such as the month of June, Pearl was the right one. They continued inside where they could buy jewelry such as rings, necklaces, watches, etc. After an hour GET Team left that place with learnings.

They went to the 2nd destination of that day, which was the Nongnooch Tropical Garden. The name itself is a Garden but not the usual garden that everyone sees, this is a very beautiful and big garden in Thailand which tourists most like to go and visit. At first, Sir James assisted with their ticket before coming in, and because it was lunchtime the Team straight ahead to the buffet to take first their lunch before they started the activity inside. After they eat, they go to their first activity which watching the Thai culture show, and after a few minutes, it will end. The next activity is to watch the Elephant Show. Before starting the show, the host announced that people could take a picture with an elephant but with pay (100 Baht). The elephants were so amazing and cute, they truly trained to handle people. After a few minutes, the show started, at first all the elephants paraded handling the different flags, and when the GET Team saw the Philippine flag, they were so proud of it. The different activities shown by the elephants, the people were amazed, they shouted when the elephant got scored, for example when the elephant shot the ball into the ring. Overall, the elephant show was very fun and enjoyable, you did not feel scared because they were so big but instead, they felt happy about their cuteness. GET also took pictures of hugging the elephant, only in Thailand they can experience it so they make the most of it. Then the Team rode at the minibus service, they stopped over at the first station, and the people came down and told the tourist guide that they would be looking around, and taking pictures and videos in 2 hours. So, the GET Team started to walk around, taking pictures of the handmade statue, they did whatever they wanted. After the 2 hours, they rode again and they brought to the different plants that were so amazing because they could see unique plants that they had never seen anywhere, it showed how lovable the plants grow with full of hard work and patience the people making it. The Garden was so clean and had fresh air that they felt. They can see also the big dinosaurs, different animals that you can see only on the TV or maybe on social media. They stopped over again to give time to explore the place, the GET Team started again to take their pictures as they remembrance, it can see to the face of each other the so much joy, and experiences that they could not forget it. Due to the size of this Garden and getting the most out of exploring it, one day is almost used up, but it is okay because it is worth exploring here, plus the quiet and very clean surroundings. To get back to where they came from earlier, they rode again, and when they arrived the GET Team went straight to the van to rest until their next destination.

They traveled for about 1 hour and they arrived at the 3rd destination, which was the Famous Laser Carved Buddha. From a distance you can see the huge and beautiful construction, you will wonder how it was made because it is on a high mountain and what is even more impressive, said our tour guides Ms. Lisa and Mr. James, is made of real gold. All the GET Team said “Wow.” it is also said to be more beautiful at night, especially if there is a light, more amazing, and more brilliant. And of course, the whole Team also took pictures here in a place visited by tourists. After a long tiring day, the GET Team decided to go straight to the hotel and rest.

December 5, 2023, is the 3rd day and the last tour of the GET Team in Thailand. 8:30 in the morning when the Team gets completed and ready to go to their destination which is the Sanctuary of Truth. It takes an hour when they arrive at that place, it is so many people and different activities that like you are in a fiesta or any event. But the most precious in this place is the very amazing structured temple, but is not the usual temple, but a handmade temple that everyone was amazed at, especially at that time, when almost every Thailander girl they saw fixed that temple. GET team walking around outside and inside to take a picture with this unique temple as they remember and very special because they wearing all their uniforms, they will be very proud that their company got to experience these unforgettable moments of their lives. Even if it is tiring to explore it, it is so worth it, you can feel very blessed to see the sacrifices of the people to build this unique and very beautiful temple. They deserve to be visited by tourists and complimented them. On the other side, they see the pictures taken by the photographers, the GET Team decides to retake the picture and it will be made into a bigger picture that will be brought to the Philippines and proudly displayed in the offices. After, the Team went to the branded products such as Nike, Adidas, etc. to buy anything they wanted. And because it is the last day of the Team, the last destination is in the market in Bangkok, where everyone can buy their souvenirs for themselves and their family and friends.

December 6, 2023, the last morning of the GET Team in Thailand, everyone prepared early because they needed to get to the airport early. Everyone left the hotel pleased and sad since they were returning to the Philippines, but they carried with them all the beautiful experiences they had in Thailand. In the airport, where the GET Team waited for their flight, they were talking and teasing that they were going home and leaving Thailand, but the joy was evident in every smile they had even when they arrived in the Philippines. Employees are very thankful to their boss for giving them this opportunity to travel abroad, but of course, this is because of those who trusted and will continue to trust in the quality service they provide for their beloved clients, Thank you so much.

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