If you are looking for a Pest Control Provider that is legit and accredited by the FDA- Food and Drug Administration-Philippines. You are on the right page.

Great Eastern Termite and Pest Control Services is now an FDA- Licensed Pest Control Operator in compliance with FDA Circular No. 2022-010 or Implementing Guidelines of the Department of Health on the issuance of License to Operate as Household/ Urban Pest Control Operators.

Last, May 18, 2023, when GET received their FDA as officially a Licensed pest control provider for residential and commercial premises. The challenges faced by GET company were not easy, they required a lot of hard work, dedication, and patience also they passed by the right procedures and attended seminars/training ensuring that they met the FDA standards. And they are delighted to say that their hard work has paid off. GET, knows that safety is a top priority for their customers, which is why they have always gone above and beyond to ensure that their services are of the highest quality and to be more professional and expert on how to handle clients’ pest concerns.

One of the key advantages of choosing and trusting GET Pest Control is the assurance of safety and effectiveness in their pest control practices. By being FDA-licensed, GET Pest Control Services has proven its compliance with industry standards and regulations, including the use of safe and approved chemicals for pest control treatments. This reduces the risk of harmful or ineffective methods being applied, protecting both the property and the well-being of employees of their clients. Another significant advantage lies in the professional expertise of GET Pest Control. Their team undergoes thorough training and certifications, equipping them with the knowledge and skills to handle a wide range of pest infestations effectively. You can trust that their technicians are knowledgeable and professional in the latest pest control methods, ensuring efficient pest eradication and prevention strategies tailored to your specific needs.

GET, will continue to maintain the high standards that earned them this achievement, and they will strive to exceed them every chance they get. GET, like to take this chance to thank you, their amazing clients, for your continued support and trust in their effective and quality services. They would not be here without you. GET Pest Control is so grateful for your loyalty, and they cannot wait to continue serving all of you with even greater confidence in the safety, effectiveness, quality, and professionalism of their services.

If you have any questions about pests, please do not hesitate to reach out. We are always here to help with all your pest problems, it is either at home, at business, or office. At GET Pest Control Services No pest control job is too big or small. We do it all!

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